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Solar Pest Net Critter Guard Installation

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Pest Exclusion

We begin by removing and thoroughly cleaning up the mess left behind by the pigeons under your panels and in your gutters. We don’t just brush it off, we use a soft washing technique under your panels and power wash out the gutters and downspouts directly below your panels. We then install our pvc dipped galvanized steel grid wire around all solar panel arrays with solar-friendly clips. Then, we perform a solar panel cleaning to make your system look brand new again and finish things off by spraying down your home with an optional disinfectant that kills the toxic bacteria left from the pigeon feces.

Why is Pest Exclusion Important

Pest exclusion is important for your solar panels because pigeons and squirrels like to nip at the wires under your panels and peck at your panels causing cracking or panel malfunctions. The feces from pigeons is very acidic and can create holes in your shingles that will ultimately cause leaking. Their feces are also very toxic and are known to cause a number of diseases. Our solar pest net critter guards are designed to keep pests from entering the area under your solar panels. This netting is made from a durable material designed to last for many years. It is also effective at keeping out various pests, including birds, bats, rodents and specifically squirrels and pigeons. Our pest exclusion service comes with a Lifetime Warranty.


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