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Cleaning Service & Pigeon Guard for Solar Panels

Wash Me Solar specializes in solar panel maintenance and pest exclusion services. We understand the importance of keeping your solar panels clean and debris-free, and our experienced technicians can help you keep them running at optimum levels. We also provide pest exclusion services to keep pests from damaging your panels or wiring. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always here to answer any questions about our services and ensure you get the best results. We are committed to helping you save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and maximize your energy savings.

Our Services

Solar Cleaning

Pure water cleaning is the only manufacturer-approved cleaning process, which is exactly what we do. We scrub each individual panel with a solar-approved brush and finish off with a spot-free, chemical-free, and residue-free rinse.

Pest Exclusion

We begin by removing and thoroughly cleaning up the mess left behind by the pigeons under your panels and in your gutters. We don’t just brush it off, we use a soft washing technique under your panels and powerwash out the gutters and downspouts directly below your panels. We then install our pvc dipped galvanized steel grid wire around all solar panel arrays with solar friendly clips. Then, we perform a solar panel cleaning to make your system look brand new again and finish things off by spraying down your home with an optional disinfectant that kills the toxic bacteria left from the pigeon feces.

Solar Inspection

We come to your home and do a full visual inspection of your panels to make sure no panels are loose, no wires touching the roof, and there are no damaged panels. We also inspect for any warranty work that needs to be done by your installers.


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