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How to Get Rid of Pigeons on the Roof

Solar Cleaning & Inspection

Solar cleaning and inspection are an important part of a solar system’s maintenance. Regular cleaning and inspection can help to ensure optimal performance and a longer lifespan for the system. Cleaning removes dirt, dust, and other debris that can settle on the panels and reduce their efficiency.

Inspections can help to identify and address any issues, such as loose wires, cracks in panels, shading from trees and nesting of unwanted pigeons or squirrels that can damage your system or reduce the system’s output. Professional cleaning and inspection services are recommended, as they can help to ensure that all components of the system are functioning properly and that the system is producing the most energy possible.

Our Services

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Solar Cleaning

Pure water cleaning is the only manufacturer-approved cleaning process, which is exactly what we do. We scrub each individual panel with a solar-approved brush and finish off with a spot-free, chemical-free, and residue-free rinse.

Pest Exclusion

A full visual inspection of your panels to make sure no wires are loose or touching the roof, that there are no damaged panels and that there are no unwanted birds or squirrels nesting under your panels that can cause damage to your solar investment. We also inspect for any warranty work that needs to be done by your installers.

Pigeon Removal

We get rid of pigeons on your roof once and for all. We start by cleaning the panels, then we install a critter guard that keeps all the pests, including pigeons, off of your panels. Reach out today for a quote!


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