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Here at Wash Me solar, we are dedicated to going above and beyond for our customers. We want to leave your solar investment fully optimized and in better shape than brand new.

Increased Efficiency

After months of collecting dirt and dust, solar panels can lose up to 30% efficiency. Regular professional cleaning can keep your panels running at their full potential.

Prolonged Lifespan

Months and even years of neglect can shorten the lifespan of your solar investment. Keeping them properly maintained and professionally overlooked, any warranty opportunities will be caught prior to their expiration.

Enhanced Protection

Solar panels are a common home for pests such as pigeons. It’s common to find pest infested panels covered in feathers, feces and nesting materials. These common occurrences are known to damage and reduce the efficiency of solar panels.

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"Wash Me Solar came out and preformed a full visual inspection of our solar panels. Mark and Austin did a great job cleaning our panels. We had no idea that our panels were that spotted/dirty. We can see the difference before and after cleaning and we can see a production increase of energy even on a cloudy day. Highly recommend!"
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"We had a great experience with wash me solar. We had a total pigeon infestation and our roof looked horrible with tons of pigeons living underneath our solar panels and all the stuff that come with them. Wash me solar came and cleaned everything off and installed a metal barrier so the pigeons can’t get underneath anymore. They were friendly and professional to work with."
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"Austin and his crew were great. Very reasonably priced, respectful, prompt and responsive. They took care of my pigeon problem with screening, pressure washed the nesting, the gutters and then cleaned my solar panels. Saved me time and money. I would recommend them to anyone."


Your neighborhood solar cleaning professionals are one call away. No more hold times, no more cooked schedules, we get you serviced immediately with the best local care.


With over ten years of washing experience, we know how to treat your solar investments with the utmost care. We know how important respect and integrity is to our customers and don’t ever let them down.


We understand the value of your solar investment, that’s why we only use premium products and equipment when working with our customers.

How long has it been since you last cleaned?


-10% Efficiency


-15% Efficiency


-20% Efficiency


-30% Efficiency

Six Months

One Year

Two Years

Four Years

Based on a 9600 kwh system and 10¢ per kwh/hr energy price.

Our Services

Solar Cleaning

Pure water cleaning is the only manufacturer approved cleaning process and that is exactly what we do. Scrubbing each individual panel with a solar approved brush and finishing off with a spot free, chemical free, and residue free rinse.

Pest Exclusion

We begin by removing and thoroughly cleaning up the mess left behind by the pigeons under your panels and in your gutters. We don’t just brush it off we use a soft washing technique under your panels and power wash out the gutters. We then install manufacture recommended pvc dipped galvanized steel around all solar panel arrays with solar friendly clips.

Solar Inspection

A full visual inspection of your panels to make sure no panels are loose, no wires touching the roof, and no damaged panels. We also inspect for any warranty work that needs to be done by your installers.

Pest Exclusion

Beyond your average cleaning service

Over 50% of rooftop solar panels become a home for pests such as pigeons, magpies and other small birds.

Protecting your investment from unwanted pests is essential to the efficiency and safety of your solar panels.

Have Pest Problems?

Our Process

Roof Access & Safety

We pride ourselves on being the safest in the business. Using our own equipment, we access your panels safely, always following the OSHA safety guidelines.

Solar Inspection

Our first priority is inspecting your panels for potential warranty claims, damages and pest infestation.

Panel Cleaning

Using PURE water and a solar approved nylon brush, we scrub each individual panel. After each panel is clean, we do a final rinse, ensuring chemical free, spot free, and residue free results.

Pest Exclusion

We install low profile, black, PVC dipped, galvanized steel mesh around the perimeter of all solar panels. We use special grade solar friendly clips to ensure no harm is done to your investment.

Pest Exclusion

Low profile, black, PVC dipped, galvanized steel mesh surrounding all solar panels

PURE Water

Ensuring chemical free, spot free, and residue free results

Cleaning Equipment

We clean your panels with OSHA approved equipment. Soft bristles to ensure safety to your investment


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